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Several decades ago I scribbled my first program on a few pieces of paper, rode my bike to the nearest ComputerLand, and began entering the code on one of the Apple II Plus showroom computers.

Though it took four hours to finish, and after befriending the sales manager, my first project worked. The initial success ignited my excitement, fueled my curiosity, and drove my desire to learn everything I could about this new medium. A few years later I marketed my first computer game, a text-based adventure that I advertised in a small ad on the back pages of Compute! Magazine—another creative milestone for me, even if I only sold three copies (with my Mom confessing years later that two were secretly purchased by my Dad).

That was my “A-Ha” moment… I became impassioned about reimagining what I could do in a digital world. Since then, I’m proud to say my success rate has vastly improved.

Given my entrepreneurial and curious nature, I have grown and developed over the years by constantly pushing myself beyond my comfort zone, determined to learn and master what I don’t know. That has led me to be a hybrid professional with in-depth, cross-channel knowledge, a Swiss Army knife that’s able to quickly adapt and perform across multiple disciplines—from strategizing, developing, designing and implementing. I’m a full stack marketer, or as the industry calls it, the elusive digital marketing unicorn.

Whether that is establishing a 18-24 month strategic roadmap or writing 7000 lines of code for a training event registration application. Creating an editorial style guide or message architecture and content governance strategy, designing detailed hi-fidelity wireframes and visual comps, or developing a marketing technology infrastructure combined with a multistage workflow server environment. This wide-ranging experience enables me to build, mentor, and guide multiple teams working on concurrent projects, or to bring numerous perspectives and disciplines to projects that I work on singularly.

Wherever I work, my goal has always been to make the products, campaigns and experiences best in class, not just better.

More stories coming!

I just started posting my work to a few weeks ago (June 2023), and I still have much to do. You can view some additional work by downloading the PDF below.

Case Studies